Who We Are

Extraordicary results are the inevitable outcome of expert human knowledge and robust data-driven software working side by side. This is the underlying principle our work is founded upon. At Emrys, we specialize in software solutions designed to overcome the complex challenges of predicting rare events. We expand on the traditional Statistical methods of today with the Artificial Intelligence research of tomorrow.

Board of Directors

For the past 25 years the Emrys Analytics team has been building predictive analytics for companies and institutions. Our engines have been used to underwrite insurance for complex risks, predict the probability and cost of catastrophic medical events, generate returns in financial markets and optimize the financing of large and complex projects.

Ned Goodhue

Edmund (Ned) Goodhue, CEO, has a BA in economics and an MBA in finance from Harvard, a BS in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of California, and pursued for two years but did not complete a Ph.D. at MIT in electrical engineering with emphasis on computer science and artificial intelligence. He was part of the team that developed the programming language Scheme.[1]

He has taught accounting, finance, and international finance at Harvard Business School, INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France, both MBA and Executive programs) and Babson College (both MBA and Executive programs), as well as “Digital Design and Computer Architecture” at University of California – Irvine.

His series of cases “Assuming Control at Altex Aviation” has been used by business schools all over the world in both English and Spanish (including Harvard, for whom it was initially written).

Mr. Goodhue has substantial experience in predictive analytics:

  • At an R&D firm funded by a large insurance company, Ned was CEO and team leader of the first true carve-out of the most expensive healthcare events: transplants, neonates, and major trauma. They calculated premiums based on the first such modelling in healthcare using inference based on a huge dataset.
  • He designed and wrote the software that automatically bought and sold stocks on both the US and Canadian exchanges for a Bermuda fund. The fund returned 19.22% in its Canadian portfolio (verses 7.16% in the TSX) and 7.11 % in its US fund (verses 3.53% for the S&P). In both funds the Beta was lower than the index. The fund invested in long equities; its average hold time was 7 days.
  • And he both designed and coded the first version of our predictive analytics that underwrites the insurance policies supported by EGB Insurance. More specifically:
    • The predictive system identifies the intrinsic risk of a client,
    • Other programs developed analyzes their vulnerability to determine the residual risk of the client.
    • A third set of programs predicts the future claims this client will incur which is the foundation of the premium the carrier charges to insure that part of the retained risk the client wants to insure.

[1] John Batali, Edmund Goodhue, Chris Hanson, Howie Shrobe, Richard M. Stallman and Gerald Jay Sussman. “The Scheme-81 Architecture – System and Chip”. Proceedings, Conference on Advanced Research in VLSI. 1982

Peter Burnim

Mr. Peter R. Burnim, MBA serves as the Managing Director of IQ Venture Partners Inc. Mr. Burnim is the Founder of Northstar Reinsurance Ltd. He served as an Executive Vice-President of Northstar Consulting Group, New York. He worked at Citibank/CitiCorp for over 25 years as a Senior Credit, Senior Securities and Senior Corporate Officer. He served as Managing Director of Crown Capital Group, New York. He served as the Chairman of Crown World Services Ltd. Mr. Burnim has been a Director of Sterling CentreCorp. Inc., since January 20, 2000 and Argus Group Holdings Limited since August 2009. He serves as a Director of Argus International Life Bermuda Limited and Highland Financial Holdings. He served as a Trustee of various funds in fund complex of Allianz funds. He served as Member Advisory Board of CVC Capital Partners (European Buyout Group). He served as a Director of The Bank of Bermuda (NY). He served as Trustee of ACI Capital Group Advisory Board, Argus Group Holdings Limited, Argus International Life, and Highland Financial Holdings Fund. Mr. Burnim is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School.

Karl Wolf

Karl is a visionary and results-oriented executive with a proven track record in driving innovation, generating rapid growth and improving profitability for Fortune 15 and emerging growth companies on a global basis.

Karl has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. For the last 10 years he has been a general manager at McKesson, one of the world’s largest healthcare companies with $190B in annual revenues.

At McKesson, Karl developed and launched McKesson’s Integrated Capacity Management Solution which leverages big data and predictive analytics to empower health care systems to predict their capacity and staffing requirements and reduce their labor costs and length of stay. Karl was also the general manager of McKesson’s Nursing Information Systems Business Unit.

Prior to joining McKesson, Karl was the head of international strategic planning and business development for GE Healthcare’s Clinical Information Systems business unit. In this role, Karl developed and drove GE Healthcare’s expansion strategy in APAC and EMEA.

Karl also has significant experience as an entrepreneur including as the Vice President of R&D at Avandel where he leveraged big data and predictive analytics to develop the world’s first catastrophic care carve out, enabling insurance companies and self-funded employers to outsource their catastrophic care.

Finally, Karl has experience in healthcare consulting including as a healthcare strategy consultant for Mercer and in healthcare finance as a financial analyst for PaineWebber.

Karl lives in Boulder, Colorado and enjoys acoustic guitar, backcountry skiing, endurance mountain biking, photography, skiing and volunteer work in his free time.

Phil Butterfield

Mr. Butterfield recently retired as Chairman of the Board of HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited having served as Chairman or Chief Executive Officer since February 2004. Prior to this, Mr. Butterfield held the position of Chief Operating Officer with responsibility for the direction and oversight globally of HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited’s Operations, Systems, Human Resources, Audit, Compliance, Legal and Programme Management Office. Mr. Butterfield joined HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited in 2000 as Chief Administration Officer.

Before joining HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited, Mr. Butterfield held a number of senior positions in Private Banking, Corporate Banking, Operations and Technology, and Human Resources with Citibank, which he joined in 1972.

Mr. Butterfield is on the board of many insurance companies and non-profit organizations including President of Bermuda Health Foundation, Johns Hopkins Medicine and the American Classical Orchestra.

The Emrys Advantage

Our Predictive Analytics approach is founded on cutting edge results in Bayesian Inference, Deep Learning and Operations Research coupled with tried and tested heuristic human driven intelligence. Most importantly, we firmly ground our work in the reality of indusry. Our work is always driven by the feedback of our customers' success metrics.


AI makes software smarter

enables software that is adaptive to the continuously changing business and regulatory environment.


AI is faster

reduces the need for human intervention through the automation of tasks valued highly on the cognitive hierarchy.


AI does not require the cloud

can be packaged out of band, within embedded systems or on distributed global systems. It is platform agnostic.


AI can find the Black Swans

is the best bet when businesses are faced with inference and knowledge discovery challenges that surpass the ability of basic statistical methods.


AI is highly predictive

With human intelligence by it's side, AI can be effective even for unchartered risks (e.g., autonomous cars).


AI is Robust

leverege the benefit of statistical programming and distributed systems to achieve unparalleled fault tolerance.

FinTech Solutions

In a quickly changing environment, keeping agile with the market is required to remain profitable. We have experience helping firms develop solutions to meet these needs, including:

Underwriting cyber risk insurance policies
Helping clients asess their intrinsic risk
Helping manufacturers manage their risk through product insurance for clients

Strengthening IT Defenses

We empower our clients by upholding the highest standard for security and risk mitigation controls. Our team has extensive experience across a broad spectrum of hardware and software systems; the result is a comprehensive and practical outlook on what security looks like to the modern enterprise.

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